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Love For Lewiston

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Last year, I met an amazing woman named Jessica Janzen Olstad at Rachel Hollis's Rise Business conference. We were seated in the same row and began talking at some point. I believe God puts you where you need to be.

I discovered that Jessica was a speaker and an author... two things that I hope to be in the future. I later found out more about her story of losing her son Lewiston at 6 months to SMA and she learned my story of losing my husband Ryan to cancer.

This bond we shared in grief got stronger when we both realized we were both on a mission to bring purpose from our pain.

Jessica and her family celebrate their son Lewiston by raising money to help families with Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). Donate HERE

If you'd like to follow Jessica's journey follow her on Instagram Here. 

My sweet friend also just published her first book called Bring The Joy about following the nudges of your heart. Jessica tells of a story of how listening to the nudges in her life has led her to where she is today and how she and her husband vowed to Bring the Joy even amidst their baby boys terminal diagnosis. You can find here book here on Amazon. 

Please help me in supporting this amazing Mama! Together we rise!



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