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7 Meaningful Gifts She’ll love Between $125 - $890

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Are you feeling like you are running out of time to find the perfect gift for a special woman in your life?

Do you want it to be meaningful yet can't find the words to say?

Here are 7 meaningful gifts that say exactly what you want her to know!

Order by Wednesday 2/10/21 for Valentines Delivery

1. Tell her, "I'm grateful for you" with our Signature "Gratitude" Pendant (Best Seller) Starting at $100 with our mini "Gratitude pendant  

 Gratitude necklace

BUY NOW: Large "Gratitude" Necklace


2. Tell her, "I love You through thick and thin" with our "Edge" Heart Pendant Starting at $130

Edge Heart Necklace

BUY NOW: "Edge" Heart Necklace


3.Tell her, "You're the strongest woman I know" with our Strength Pendant Starting at $125

Strength necklace

BUY NOW: "Strength" Necklace


4. Tell her, "Let's be adventurous together" with our "Edge" hoop earrings Starting at $275

Large hoops

BUY NOW: Large "Edge" Hoop Earrings


5. Tell her, "You're like family" with our "Sisterhood" pendant. Starting at $150

Sisterhood pendant


6. Tell her, "I feel so Connected to you." with our "Connections" Bracelet (Best Seller) Starting at $125

Connections bracelet silver



7. Tell her, "Our relationship is Solid" with our mini "Solid" Round stud earrings Starting at $175

Mini round solid studs

BUY NOW: "Solid" Round Mini Stud Earrings


  • Solid Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Starting at $110
  • Complimentary Shipping
  • Complimentary Gift Wrap

     **Order by Wednesday 2/10/21 for Valentines Delivery



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