"Sisterhood" Elephant Necklace

Material 14K Yellow Gold
Chain Length Charm Only
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Our “Elephant” Sisterhood Pendant Necklace symbolizes the power of sisterhood. It stands for community, loyalty and strength. Each woman who wears this piece is reminded that she is a part of a tribe much larger than herself. That she is protected, supported and valued beyond measure. The pendant features an engraved “SIS” on the back, and here’s why… 

Years ago, Crystalyn heard Jen Hatmaker tell a powerful story of sisterhood. Jen explained that when a mama elephant goes into labor, all the other female elephants form a tight circle around her, stomping and kicking up dirt so the mama can’t be seen, keeping her and her baby safe from predators. When the mother is ready to emerge with her new baby, the circle trumpets in celebration. Now, that is sisterhood! 


16mm pendant size (approximate)

Lobster clasp

Matte finish

Available in sterling silver or solid 14k gold

Designed in New Orleans by Crystalyn Aucoin

Made in the USA


Crystalyn’s Pairing Suggestions:

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Earring - Hexagon "Solid" Stud Earrings

Ring - "Open" Hexagon Ring

Layering Necklace - "Connections" Bold Paperclip Chain

Customer Reviews

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Cristy Cross
Elephant Power

I love my elephant necklace, because it symbolizes support from your loved ones. It also gives me an alter ego when I'm headed into something big and important. Putting this necklace on is like my war gear, protecting me and giving me superpowers :) I absolutely love that Crystalyn created this necklace.


The best reminder that I am a part of something bigger, a sisterhood for life. Rise was a life changing conference for me and I am constantly reminded of the amazing ladies I met at Dallas Rise and the never ending support. The detail on this necklace is out of this world, so simple yet so detailed from the leg positioning, to the eyelashes, and to SIS on the back of the pendant. Hands down my favorite piece.

Just What I Needed

I attended the RISE conference that inspired this pendant design. I love that there is so much meaning and thought that went into this beautiful pendant. I have worn it almost every single day since I received it, and I truly feel that I am not alone while wearing it. As silly as it may sound, when things get tough I hold on to the pendant and pray that they will get better. I know I have a wonderful group of people surrounding me and this is just something tangible to prove that. This piece is BEAUTIFUL right down to the tiny eyelashes and I am so honored to have it in my jewelry collection. The packaging is beyond perfect, too!