The Heart Behind The Brand

We create minimalistic fine jewelry designed to highlight the beauty of the wearer both inside and out. Our quality everyday fine jewelry is worn by Strong women who are Soft at heart - women who hold strong values and a commitment to making a difference in the world. Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry’s mission is to inspire these women, and others, to follow their passion and their heart. Leading by example, the company is committed to supporting non-profit organizations focused on helping those experiencing the burden of cancer.


In honor of Crystalyn’s late husband, Ryan Aucoin, she continues to support the New Orleans Lympho-maniac Cancer Fund and Karen T Stall Research and Breast Institute. Both of these amazing organizations are moving mountains in the world of cancer and in the lives of patients.

Every year, the Lympho-maniacs support local cancer patients with their “H. Ryan Aucoin Memorial Cancer Grants” as well as continue to fund important research initiatives in Louisiana. In 2019, founder Chad Landry raised over $250,000 with his famous 70's party. 

Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry donated a set of best sellers which raised $1,600 in the LIVE Auction and the crew had a ton of fun!

In 2019, KTSRBI along with State Representative Julie Stokes and Representative Patrick Connick, helped pass a bill in Louisiana stating that 3-D Mammography is the standard first-line detection in our state meaning insurance companies will pay the co-pay gap between getting a 2-D and 3-D mammogram. This makes 3-D mammography an easier option for all in hopes of saving lives through early detection. Click here to read more: KTSRBI


Crystalyn is committed to making a difference for families experiencing the burden of cancer. With your help and support more and more can be accomplished.